We’re finding out more about our club members – today it’s Mark Molloy’s turn. We discuss why he won the ‘Korf Clown’ award, what the best thing about Highbury is and who is his Korf idol.

Mark joined Highbury from Manchester City last summer, and is very much enjoying his first year at London’s biggest korfball club!

Craig: So Mark the question I’m asking everyone first off. Is how do you describe Korfball?
Mark: I made the mistake originally of saying it’s like basketball and Netball. The other Craig said that if you say it’s like basketball and boxing, people think it’s a great sport.

Craig: How did you come across Korfball?
Mark: I was working in America two years ago and it was the start of NBA season and I used to play basketball and I was going to take it up when I got home. For some reason I played korfball instead. My sister mentioned it in passing and then I sort of went YOLO, why not?

Craig: What did you like about Korfball?
Mark: It’s got to be the glitz, the glamour, the fast cars. The respect you get from everyone and Steve Carter. No when I moved to London I didn’t really know anyone beforehand and at Highbury I’ve met some great people and I’ll see what happens. I’ve ended up going out a lot.

Craig: I don’t know about you I’ve drunk a lot more beer since taking up Korfball this year.
Mark: Currently as this is taking place we are drinking beer (both laugh).

Craig: And then they did a bit of pub crawl when you first joined right?
Mark: Yeah the Sunday after my first session. I got text saying we’ve moved where we are playing our local games and we need to find a local bar so we’re doing a pub crawl!

Craig: What do you like about Highbury then?
Mark: The whole club is built on the foundation of people. People are their greatest asset. The sport is all well and good but it’s a really social sport.

Craig: Do you have a favourite social?
Mark: The Attila tournament has to be my favourite.

Craig: Such a great group of people going out with each night. I think you could have gone to Attila known half the people and you still have such a good laugh. It felt like being back at uni almost. As we were both Attila virgins this year, what was your highlight?
Mark: Me hitting the ceiling.

Craig: So talk me through that because we had this rule didn’t we, if you made a mistake everyone on the side-lines shouted ‘OFF!’ and the person had to come off which was quite entertaining.

Mark: Yeah so it was the Sunday and our last game. I was still drunk and carried on drinking. I was bit late that day so thought I’d have bit of a cameo take a shot from the half way line. See what happens. Now the Coach of Manchester always said shoot up but the problem was we were in a place that had a really low ceiling. Really low.

Craig: It really wasn’t low.
Mark: So I got the shot up and it hit the ceiling. I was quickly substituted off…

Craig: And the AGM you won an award?
Mark: Yeah the most prestigious award.

Craig: Well only second to the best bum eh.
Mark: I helped you whip up the votes for that! I won most sensible… Not Korf clown. And now everyone is expecting this to be funny.

Craig: Yeah when people are reading this it needs to be comedy gold. I think the shot in Attila did tip the award your way.
Mark: Well yeah me in Attila in general. Is that what I’ve got to do to win that award again? And I didn’t win Korf Shark. I get sharked on.

Craig: I brought up your Fixtures Live stats.
Mark: They’re wrong by the way. I scored one more goal than it says on there.

Craig (Laugh) Well according to Fixtures Live. You’ve played 15 games, scored 9 goals.
Mark: I had a great record in Manchester.

Craig: Yeah for City Renegades you played four scored four.
Mark: Can I keep these stats? I want to show everyone at work.

Craig: I asked Jo the same question and she’s scored almost a goal a game.
Mark: Well I’m a defensively minded player but I’m also responsible for captaining the 4th team to a 4-2 victory. Having missed 2 penalties…

Craig: Yeah I remember that game well because I defended for the whole of the first half because it was 1-0!
Mark: I scored the early goal and parked the bus.

Craig: So Mark has requested more time to answer his own questions. Mark who is your Korfball Idol?
Mark: Well there is only one man it can be really. He’s just galvanised everyone, he’s a real star of the game. It’s not Ben King. Because no one knows who that is. It’s got to be Steve Carter.

Craig: Why Steve Carter?
Mark: (Whilst laughing) He’s a fine statue of a man… I’m really sorry Steve.

Craig: What else did you want to be asked? Oh who is the rising star?
Mark: Other than Mark Molloy. I think you’ve got a shout Craigo.

Craig: Ah thanks.
Mark: Yeah you bloody love the game. Think the development you’ve shown in the game for someone who hasn’t played before. Like a duck to water. Flo is someone to watch. James is one to watch. Loves the game, loves the club. Tom Rich if you’re reading this, you’re so annoying. You don’t shoot technically right as I’m told but you score a stupid amount of goals. It’s not fair.

Craig: Lovely thanks Mark for your comments.