Development coaches Rosie and Darryl have revealed their 3rd and 4th team squads for the season ahead.

After a full four week of trials, which saw in excess of 50 people attend, Rosie and Darryl have whittled it down to 24 people.

The 3rd team have a couple of weeks until the season starts on 16th October against Highbury 2. The 4ths begin on 9th October with a game against Trojans 3.

Congratulations to everyone who has been selected – development squad training starts on Tuesday.

  • Hannah Ackerley
  • Floraine Arbey
  • Jack Birch
  • Sarah-Louise Burgess
  • Amy Crawford
  • Georgina Gilchrist
  • Matt Gould
  • Laura Goulden
  • Dave Graham
  • Rich Hayward
  • Craig Hilton
  • Brad Kaye
  • Yukiko Kishimoto
  • John Lindsay
  • Craig Morgan
  • Martin Munro
  • Karthik Ramulu
  • Jonathan Riordan
  • Ellie Simes
  • Rosey Sinclair
  • Becca Spear
  • Philippa Stevens
  • Sonal Thakrar
  • George Thorpe