45 Highbury korfballers took part in our first ever intra-club tournament last night – congratulations to the winning ‘Green’ team:
Vicki, Phillipa S, Anja, Bea, Gemma H, Becca East-O’Keeffe, Helena VK, Oli, Darryl, George T, Jonathan & Michael Smith

Final standings:

  • 1st Green
  • 2nd Red
  • 3rd Yellow
  • 4th Blue


  • Red (2-2) Blue
  • Yellow (0-3) Green
  • Green (4-4) Red
  • Yellow (2-1) Blue
  • Red (2-2) Yellow
  • Blue (1-7) Green

3rd/4th playoff:

  • Yellow (3-1) Blue


  • Green (3-2) Red

Thank you to Craig H for organising and Specky for reffing.

That was our final session of the indoor season – we are doing socials every week in May, before heading outside for our summer korfball starting in June in Finsbury Park.