Supernova 3 vs Highbury 3

Score: 10 - 7

Match Report

Highbury 3 came close to a first win of the season with a mixture of sharp shooting and solid defence against Supernova 3.

Supernova were first to score hitting home a long shot, but Highbury equalised straight away through an SLB running-in shot.

Highbury fell behind, but Brad who was putting up more shots than Craig on a Highbury night out got his reward with a fine effort.

After a period of no goals, ‘Tall Pete’ from Supernova struck a long range effort but Highbury were again not behind for long as James scored from downtown to equalise. Clearly happy with his goal James ran over the halfway line screaming ‘COME ON’.

With halftime approaching Supernova got themselves into the lead in a very even first half.

The second half did not start well for Highbury as Supernova scored the opening 3 goals of the half to take an unassailable lead.

Jack briefly got Highbury back within 3 goals, but two Supernova long shots ensured the points would be staying in Bermondsey.

Supernova missed a penalty which spurred Highbury on, and James scored his second. Jack then scored what Specky described as a ‘little jumpy drop off from back of court’.

The final stages saw Supernova reach 10 goals, and Conor scoring to keep the score respectable.

A good performance from Highbury 3, just a bit more concentration and those shots dropping after half-time and the scoreline would have been very different. Well played Highbury 3.
    Report by Rich Hayward


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Highbury 3