Highbury 2 vs Highbury 3

Score: 9 - 2

Match Report

Highbury 2 lined up against Highbury 3 for this inter-club grudge match, time would tell who'd come out on top.

A slow start as both teams were feeling each other out. Highbury 2 were putting up shots like they were going out of fashion, and the first goal came after H2 had put up 12 shots in a single attack, the 13th, unluckily for H3, sat on the edge of the basket before dropping through 1-0.

After realising that the korf is the big yellow thing H2 scored their next shot via the hands of Kate. 2-0.

The game was still struggling to find a good tempo, but that didn't put Pas off as he sunk a great shot. 3-0 and questions were being asked about whether H3 could get back into it.

Anna was happy to answer, and in the next attack stood near the halfway line there was nothing on so Anna decided to have a shot, it was an inspired move as we saw the ball go straight in - a fantastic goal, H3 very much back in it.

But the comeback wasn't on as goals from Darryl, Kate and Pas gave H2 an extended lead. However on the stroke of half-time Matt G converted a penalty he won. 6-2 at the break.

Not a lot happened in the 2nd half, both teams defended excellently. Goals from Kamilla, Darryl and Bernard ensured H2 won 9-2.


Petchey Academy
85 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2EY, UK

Highbury 2

# Player Goals
6Bernard Martin 221
9Darryl Light2
63Kate Sherring2

Highbury 3