Highbury 3 vs Highbury 2

Score: 1 - 6

Match Report

This week saw the eagerly anticipated rematch between the Thirds and the Seconds. In the previous meeting the Seconds won 9-2 with the match being dominated by solid defences in the second half. Could the Thirds get revenge this time round or would the Seconds show their dominance once more?

The Third team decided to avoid any kind of warm up, preferring to focus on nursing the hangovers gained the night before at the Christmas party, whilst the Seconds ran around slowly for a little bit. It was all building up to be an intense, action packed match...

Each team had a few chances at attacking but neither could get anything meaningful started until Darryl, still recovering from his fight with a car the night before, got his defender to over-commit and confidently put the Seconds ahead with a running in shot. The Seconds used the goal to find rhythm whilst the Thirds were still focused on keeping down the Prosecco from the Christmas Party.

The match was starting to get really fierce now with Darryl wandering around asking people for hugs. Pas, still young enough to recover from hangovers almost instantaneously, preceded to grab another goal for the Seconds from a mid-range shot and solidified their lead.

With a change of ends the Thirds had the chance to try and find some attacking rhythm but were unable. Solid defence from the Seconds restricted the Thirds to long-range pot-shots, which were quickly collected by the defence. At the other end the Thirds were putting in an impressive defensive display, holding the Seconds at bay whilst their attacking teammates desperately searched for a goal. The defence were working well together but were eventually worn down as Rich struck with a shot from behind the basket. With that, the half ended.

With fresh legs brought on for both teams the second half started in a similar vein with the Thirds proving why they have the worst 'Goals For' stat in the league (and the Seconds the best defence in the league), failing to score before Rich scored another mid-range shot for the Seconds prompting a change of ends. At 4-0 the Seconds were now comfortably in the lead and morale was getting low for the Thirds.

Attacks from the Thirds improved and they were beginning to find some rhythm but still a goal eluded. The Thirds had also upped their defence and the match threatened to mimic that of the week before and descend into a defensive struggle until James, trying to get revenge for this year's Rugby World Cup, shoulder barged Specky and sent him crashing to the ground. Darryl converted the penalty, 5-0. Clearly not satisfied with only giving away one penalty, James gave away another within minutes of the first which Darryl once again converted. 6-0, a grim day for the Thirds.

The final moments of the match saw James grab a consolation goal (much to the annoyance of Rich) from mid-range to prevent the Seconds from keeping a clean sheet but it was too little too late for the Thirds and the match ended soon afterwards.

All in all a similar match to the first, with the defences of both teams playing well and restricting the goal tally. The Third team started slowly but can be pleased with the improved performance during the second half, whilst the Second team can boast at only conceding the 1 goal and maintaining their reputation as the best defence in the league.
    Report by James Sipthorpe


Petchey Academy
85 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2EY, UK

Highbury 3

Highbury 2