Nomads 4 vs Highbury 3

Score: 6 - 9

Match Report

Raring to get back into action after the previous weeks bloodfest against the seconds team, the first challenge for Highbury 3 was trying to successfully navigate their way to the distant land known as Epsom. After a journey involving phone calls to missing people, some rain, a train, and a couple of taxis we eventually arrived, over an hour early. After a team talk from Martin and one of the more bizarre warm ups in a fencing salle, the match could get going.

The mach got underway with a Nomads attack that was quickly stifled by the defence and handed over to the Highbury attack. The division began and were actually following Martin's game plan with James scoring with a mid-range effort from behind the post; lesson for everyone there, follow the coach's orders and things go well. The defence were once again excellent and prevented the Nomads attack and before long Sonal had won Highbury a penalty which James converted. 2-0 to Highbury. As the ends switched the Highbury attack struggled to click and were finding it difficult to grab the next goal. The defence were holding Nomads attack off until an excellent "super long shot" from one of the Nomads boys brought the scores back to within a goal. Before Highbury could reply Nomads had grabbed their second with a mid-range effort. 2-2.

With the ends switched the Highbury attack were confident they'd be able to get Highbury the upper hand again. The Nomad's defence upped their game however and were preventing Highbury from putting up the barrage of shots as they had previously. Despite some quick side coaching from Martin they couldn't find a goal and Nomads managed to grab 2 more goals to go into halftime 4-2 up.

The team knew the next goal would be crucial. SLB answered, shooting excellently from downtown to bring the score to 4-3. Jack quickly grabbed another with his trademark "runny jumpy thing" shot to bring the scores all level once again. The goals were coming thick and fast now with Nomads getting another with a long shot before Brad replied with a mid-range effort.

With the change of ends Greg won a penalty, converted by Jack, to give Highbury the lead for the first time since the beginning of the match.

The lead was short-lived as Nomads replied with a running in shot to level the scores again. Quick thinking from Sonal and Gemma during a restart allowed Sonal to bag a goal before James grabbed another from long-range. The score was now 8-6 to Highbury with only minutes left. Jack, proving he won't be outscored in a match, grabbed another in the dying moments to make it 9-6.

All round a great performance from all who played, everyone put in 100% and it really showed and paid off today. The attacking was much better and once the conversion rate from shots to goals improves the team will be a real force to be reckoned with in the league.

Props to Martin for the excellent coaching the past couple of weeks and Gemma who won every collect today enabling the division to rain down shots with confidence.
    Report - James Sipthorpe


Epsom College
103 College Rd, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4HY, UK

Highbury 3