A word from our Chairwoman:

As Chair of Highbury Korfball Club I am delighted to announce that we have signed the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation, supported by Mind, as a show of our commitment to using our sport to promote good mental health and wellbeing.

The Charter sets out how sport and recreation organisations should adopt good mental health practice to make activities inclusive, positive and open to everyone. We’ve put together an action plan – which we’ll review every year – to build upon the supportive and open environment that already exists within Highbury. Please have a read through it and let us know your thoughts.

To all of those who are struggling with their mental health right now, know that you’re not alone. I’ve had ups and downs with my mental health over the years – and it’s hardly helped by the pandemic. And opening up to people about it is really hard – and by no means something you have to do – but you may find it helps. Those who know me know that I’m hardly one to keep my thoughts in my head, but I’m not always great at being honest about having a bad day. And that’s okay. But if you can reach out to someone you feel comfortable chatting to please do. Don’t just reply “yeah I’m okay, how about you?”.

Also – as much as I’d love it if it always helped your mental health – I recognise that sometimes the pressure of competition can be detrimental to it. If that’s the case then firstly please reach out to me, a member of committee, or a coach, to see if there’s anything we can change to help you. We’d do the same for any physical injury – and mental health is just as important.

It’s tough times right now people – let’s all look after ourselves and each other.

More info to come soon, watch this space!